Gary Hastings

Associate Professor of Biophysics


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 Research Interests

  • Solar energy conversion in natural and artificial systems.
  • Time-resolved infrared spectroscopy of biological systems.
  • Quantum chemical calculations of the properties of cofactors in protein complexes.
  • Infrared and Raman spectroscopy and microscopy for the study of biological systems.
  • New instrumentation and methods in vibrational spectroscopy.


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Department of Physics & Astronomy
25 Park Place, Suite 605
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404-413-6055
Office: 410 Science Annex




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Infrared Spectroscopy Laboratories




Teaching: Introductory Physics 1: Phys1111K

                 Introductory Physics 2: Phys1112K

Integrated Science II Physics: ISciII

Principles of Physics 1: Physics 2211K

                      Optics: Phys3800/7800

                      Modern Physics I: Phys3401

Molecular Physics: Phys8420


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40th Southest/Midewest Photosynthesis Meeting