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Information for Physics Majors


For majoring in physics and more information on it, please contact: 
Dr. Brian Thoms
457 Science Annex

Scholarship Opportunities
The university is accepting nominations for Goldwater Scholarships of up to $7500 per year for your remaining one or two years.  Outstanding students currently in their sophomore or junior year who are going to pursue a career in science or math are eligible. A committee at GSU will evaluate these students and pass one or two finalist’s nominations on to the Goldwater Foundation. The deadline for the application and more information can be found at

Scholarship Opportunities for Future Teachers 

Any junior physics major who is committed to teaching High School can apply for a scholarship for their senior year and the one year graduate program in teaching (MAT). There are other opportunities for those who plan or are considering becoming teachers including a new accelerated BS/MAT program.

For more information please contact Dr.Thoms or go to

Welcome Fall 2010 Freshman Physics Majors

New Requirement for Fall 2010 Freshman: Phys1000 (Gateway to Physics). New Freshman is required to take this course in their first semester. This is a 2 credit course that will introduce you how Physics and Astronomy connect the world around us, what Physicists and Astronomers do and what research is going on here at GSU. It will be taught Monday 5:00 to 6:50 PM.

Welcome new Transfer Physics Majors

Please contact Dr Thoms for more information.    

Physics B.S. requirements

Note that to graduate you have to meet the requirements of a particular edition of the catalog.Typically, it’s the catalog for the academic year that you entered GSU. You can find out what catalog year you are under by viewing your academic evaluation in GoSolar. Also remember that you must apply for graduation more than 2 semesters before you graduation date.  


2009-2010 Catalog

2010-2011 Catalog 

Sample Schedule

Sample Schedule

BS in Physics Requirements


BS in Physics Requirements

Full 2010-2011 online catalog

Changes for Physics Majors in 2010-2011 catalog

Math 4258 and Math 4265 are optional for all concentrations except the Standard Program. These 6 hours are replcaed with more choices in your concentration.

Applying for Graduation

All Juniors and Seniors are required to apply for Graduation 2 semester before the graduation date.

Course Schedule and Descriptions
Expected Schedule of Courses Appropriate to Physics Majors.

Most 3000 and 4000 level physics courses are taught once per year and alternate between day and evening time slots from year to year.  This schedule is our best estimate and is subject to change. We don’t have control of when the math courses are taught, but the time slots listed are what they tell us they are planning to do.

Important Information

Upper Division Lab Courses: The laboratory courses are changing beginning Fall 2009. All the one credit hour lab courses (Phys3901, 3902, 4010, 4020, 4030, 4040, 4050, 4060 and Astr4010) will no longer be offered.  A new three credit hour courses called Advanced Physics Laboratory (Phys300) will be offered each fall beginning in 2009.  Students under older catalogs who have not completed their lab requirements should discuss them with the undergraduate advisor.

Research requirement: Students under the 2009/2010 catalog or later will be required to take a new three credit hour course called Research Project (Phys4900) which will be offered each spring. Senior Research (Phys4950) will remain available to those on earlier catalogs or for extending research beyond the Research Project course.

Math Courses: Physics majors are allowed to take Math3435 and some other upper division math courses without taking Math3000.  See the undergraduate advisor for details.