About Us

Welcome to the Department of Physics and Astronomy website. We carry out
research activities in a broad area, covering the range from constituents
of matter at the subatomic and nuclear levels to the formation and
evolution of active galaxies. Our CHARA Array is the largest optical/IR
interferometer in the world and can be remotely controlled from Atlanta. In
their pursuit of original research, departmental faculty (with postdoctoral
fellows, visiting scholars, graduate and undergraduate students) have
collaborations and joint programs with scientists all over the world. We
take great pride in teaching our undergraduate and graduate students.

Research opportunities exist for investigating a wide range of topics in
theoretical and experimental physics and astronomy including condensed
matter physics and nanophysics, nuclear and atomic physics, biophysics and
neurophysics, physics education research, extragalactic astronomy, stellar
astrophysics, astroinformatics, and solar physics. GSU and Atlanta provide
a rich environment for learning, pleasant living conditions, and many sport
and cultural activities. We invite you to explore in more detail what our
department can offer by looking at our faculty web pages.

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