Undergraduate Student – Hankla Award

The Robert H. Hankla award, endowed since 2014, provides support to
outstanding senior-level undergraduate students majoring in Physics. It was created to honor Dr. Hankla, who was an Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy for 30 years at GSU, serving for 10 years as Assistant Dean and Director of Graduate Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Hankla passed away in 1995 while teaching a physics class.


1996 Khuong Tuan Ngo
1997 Kether Friedmann
1998 James Elliot Joyce
1999 Debra Lynne McKee
2000 Ashley Paul
2001 Steven Gabriel
2002 Chris Cleven
2003 Jay Dunn
2004 David Patton
2005 Michael Herrera
2006 Jericho Cain
2007 Marcus Stevens
2008 Enrico Carrion
2009 Chu Xia
2010 Chastity Autry
2011 Olesya Sitnikova
2012 Mark Boyd
2013 John Lurie
2014 Matthew Haddad
2015 Bobby Jones
2017 Andrew Servinsky