William H. Nelson Speaker Series


The William H. Nelson Physics & Astronomy Research Endowment was set up to honor the memory of Dr. William H. Nelson, Ph.D. Dr. Nelson worked at Georgia State University from 1974 until his sudden death in 2010.

Dr. Nelson began as an assistant professor in 1971, became tenured in 1981, a full professor in 1988, and served as the acting chair of the Physics & Astronomy Department from 1992-1994. He became full chair in 1994. In 2004, Dr. Nelson became Associate Dean of Research for the College of Arts & Sciences. In 2009, he served as interim chair of the Math Department.

The following is a list of past speakers invited for the William H. Nelson Speakers Series.
  • Dr. William Bernhard (University of Rochester), April 12, 2011: “Damage Due to Ionizing Radiation: from DNA to Protein and Back Again”
  • Dr. Alan Marscher (Boston Univ.), April 10, 2012: “Black Holes, Jets, and Gamma Rays in Active Galactic Nuclei”
  • Nobel Laureate Dr. John Mather (NASA/GSFC), Oct 23, 2012: “History of the Universe from the Beginning to End”
  • Atlanta Functional Neuroimaging Workshop, hosted by Dr. Mukesh Dhamala, April 25, 2014
  • Kumar Wickramasinghe (UC Irvine), April 12, 2015: “From Molecules to Atoms – Development of Scanning Probes for Visualizing the Nanoworld”