Astronomers find a small gap in HR diagram

Posted On July 14, 2018
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Researcher Wei-Chun Jao has just published an article to the Astrophysical Journal Letters showing the discovery of a small gap within the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram based on Gaia Data Release 2. This narrow gap (approximately 0.05 mag wide) is near the regime in which the interiors of M dwarfs transition from being partially convective to fully… more »

New Article Published in Reviews of Modern Physics

Posted On June 29, 2018
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Assistant Professor of Physics, Dr. Megan E. Connors, has published a new article in Reviews of Modern Physics called “Jet measurements in heavy ion physics”. This article features the latest experimental advancements and what the future holds for completely understanding the nature of these ion jets made from heavy ion collisions. The full article can… more »

GSU Graduate Student Accepts Summer Internship Offer

Posted On March 1, 2018
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First year astronomy PhD student, Ryan Hall, has been offered a summer internship by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). He has accepted a position at the AFRL at AMOS in Maui, HI. He will participate in the Directed Energy Scholars Program under the guidance of academic mentor Venkata Gudimetla. The internship is a 12… more »