Dear Visitor,

We hope that you have enjoyed the material presented on our website. We encourage you to come again, as we will update its content regularly. At this page, we would like to invite you to make a gift to the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Your gift would go a long way in enhancing our program. For example, it would help us bring first-rate researchers to the campus to give presentations and discuss research with our professors and students; it would enhance our efforts to recruit outstanding graduate students, postdocs, and faculty; and it would also allow us to give awards for, for example, outstanding presentations by undergraduate and graduate students at scientific meetings organized by Physics and Astronomy.

There are a number of ways to show your support for our programs through giving:

  • Endow an undergraduate scholarship or award in physics and/or astronomy. Set up a general fund or fine-tune the award to a specific field of research, disadvantaged students, etc. (An example is the annual Robert H. Hankla Award for Outstanding Physics Major.)
  • Set up an endowment for a graduate research fellowship in your field of interest or contribute to an existing annual student award in physics or astronomy.
  • Fund a Visiting Distinguished Scholar for a semester-long visit or a Distinguished Speaker Series. (An example of the latter is the William H. Nelson Fund.)
  • Endow a professorship or postdoctoral fellowship in a specialized field.
  • Help to establish new facilities or enhance existing ones. (Examples include our new partnership in the Astrophysical Research Consortium or the new CeNO).
  • Contribute directly to the general fund of our Department (fund code: 0241). Contributions support faculty, staff, and students, professional and social functions, and recruitment. Any amount is appreciated.

Here is how to make a gift to support our work:
1) Please visit the Georgia State University Make-a-Gift site.
2) Select any amount, or choose “Other” and enter whatever amount you desire to give.
3) In the “Designation” field, select “Other” from the drop-down menu list. Then, in the “Other” field, please enter “Physics and Astronomy”.

There are many ways and options to support Physics & Astronomy at GSU. See or call Chad Dillard, Assistant VP for Development (404-413-5739, for more information about giving opportunities. Come visit us! Contact our Chair, Dr. Mike Crenshaw (404-413-6036, ).

Thank you for your generosity!