Name Title E-mail Phone
Keneta Brooks Admin. Coordinator Sr. [email protected] (404)413-6047
Theo ten Brummelaar Director of the CHARA Array [email protected] (626)796-8607
Carola Butler Lab Coordinator [email protected] (404)413-6030
Justin Cantrell Department Technology Manager [email protected] (404)413-6049
Chris Farrington Research Technician
Catrice Fraser Admin. Coordinator [email protected] (404)413-6079
Steve Golden Assistant Site Manager of CHARA [email protected] (626)796-3730
Wei Chun Jao Research Scientist [email protected] (404)413-6027
Olli Majoinen Research Technician
Samuel Mayberry Instrument Maker [email protected] (404)413-6064
Dan A. Nusdeo Research Scientist [email protected]
Gail Schaefer Research Scientist [email protected] (626) 796-5405
Judith Sturmann  Research Scientist [email protected] (626)796-2099
Laszlo Sturmann Senior Research Scientist [email protected] (626)796-8774
Dwayne Torres Instrument Maker [email protected] 404-413-6031
Nils Turner  Research Scientist [email protected] (626)796-5405
Norm Vargas Research Technician
Peter G. Walker Shop Manager [email protected] (404)413-6064
Felicia Watts Business Manager III [email protected] (404)413-6033
Larry Webster CHARA Site Manager [email protected] (626)796-3730