Harassment and Discrimination Resources

GSU has a no-tolerance stand on sexual misconduct, which includes rape, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, and non-consensual contact.

According to GSU policy regarding Title IX regulations, “all university employees except those listed as a confidential resource (Counseling and Testing Center, Student Health Clinic, and Student Victim Assistance Services) serve as responsible employees who are required to share all reports of sexual misconduct with administrative officials for university review.  We encourage all employees of the university to avoid making assurances of confidentiality when confronted with disclosures about past or current experiences of sexual misconduct” (http://deanofstudents.gsu.edu/reporting-sexual-harassmentmisconduct).

Sexual misconduct by students should be reported to:

Dean of Students
Office of the Dean of Students, Suite 300, Student Center
(404) 413-1515

Sexual misconduct by faculty or staff should be reported to:

Assistant Vice President of Human Resources Administration and Opportunity Development/Diversity Education Planning (ODDEP)
1 Park Place South, Suite 308
(404) 413-2567

GSU’s full policies and procedures on harassment (of all kinds, including sexual harassment) can be found at:


Students may be referred to the Student Victim Assistance office for help and confidential consultation regarding sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. Disclosures made to Student Victim Assistance staff will be held in strict confidence and will not serve as notice to the university requiring initiation of a review of the disclosed conduct. In addition, Student Victim Assistance offers crisis intervention, advocacy and support for students, whether they have experienced victimization one week ago or one year ago.

75 Piedmont Avenue NE (Citizens Trust Building), Suite 239
24-Hour Student Victim Assistance Phone Number: 404-413-1965

Additionally, the Office of the Ombudsperson offers informal options for resolving campus concerns.  The Ombudsperson is not a decision maker, and all discussions remain confidential.  They offer consultation, coaching, training and education in a variety of areas, and can provide referrals and an extensive list of resources for assistance.

1 Park Place South, Suite 215
(404) 413-2510