Physics Research

 Atomic Physics
 Steven T. Manson  Atomic and molecular structure and collisions


 Bio/Neuro Physics
Gennady S. Cymbalyuk Dynamical neuroscience
Mukesh Dhamala Brain networks and dynamics
Gary Hastings Solar energy conversion in natural and artificial systems


 Condensed Matter Physics
 Yohannes Abate  Experimental nano-optics
Vadym Apalkov Theoretical condensed matter
Nikolaus Dietz Advanced materials processing and materials characterization
Alexander Kozhanov  Spintronics and magnetism
Ramesh Mani  Condensed matter
A. G. Unil Perera Optoelectronics
Mark Stockman Nanoplasmonics and nano-optics


 Nuclear Physics
 Megan Connors  High energy physics
 Xiaochun He  Heavy ion collisions and cosmic rays
Murad Sarsour Nucleon spin structure and neutron weak interactions


 Physics Education & Innovative Instruction
 D. G. Sumith Doluweera
John Evans
Joshua Von Korff
Brian Thoms