Professional Organizations

Professional Organizations for Physics & Astronomy:

* Many of these organizations have Facebook groups as well.

Many of these organizations offer scholarships and awards in addition to mentoring opportunities, conferences, networking, and other forms of support.  Most if not all organizations are open to anyone who shares the goals of the organization.  For example, white physicists are encouraged to join the National Society of Black Physicists if they wish to help promote the professional well-being of African American physicists and physics students.

In addition, the American Institute of Physics ( has a lot of helpful information that you can look through, including:

  • Statistical Research Center, with information on demographics, education trends, salaries, employment sectors, etc
  • Student Programs, with information on graduate schools, internships, job postings, etc
  • Government Relations, including science policy fellowships, news and current events, and advocacy opportunities
  • Career Resources with lots and lots of information and advice, job postings, etc